In the news (1/4/2017):
Nano-chimneys can cool circuits - Topology and thermal conductivity of nano-chimneys of carbon (J. Phys. Chem. C 2017) more publications

Here are some of my research interests:

Computational studies of mixtures and alloys


2D materials

graphene 2D MoS2 2D P

In the news (01/23/2015):
The latest fashion: Graphene edges can be tailor-made - reconstruction of zigzag edges of graphene during cracking (Nanoscale 7, 2716, 2015) more publications

Surfaces and interfaces

hydrazine on PbSe GaN on Si(113) H adsorption on Si(001)

Carbon nanotubes

Electrowetting in carbon nanotubes (Science 310, 1480, 2005) more publications